We are situated about 5kms down a hard dirt murram road off VI (Vehicle Inspection) Junction on the Nairobi Embu Road, 2-3 hours drive North and slightly East of Nairobi, and 1 hours drive South and slightly East of Embu Town which is situated on the South Eastern lower slopes of Mt Kenya, whose twin peaks are visible to us in clear weather. The nearest town is Mwea Town/ Ngurubani, the commercial hub of the rice growing area, about 30 min drive away. We are right on the borders of the former Mbeere and Kirinyaga Districts, renamed in the 2010 Constitution as Embu and Kirinyaga Counties, and we are on the border of what was formerly known as Eastern and Central Province. Our closest river just 2 kms to the North is the Thiba, a tributary of the Tana. Masinga and Kamburu Dams, part of the Seven Forks Dams Project are about 40 kms to the South East


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