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  • A country in East Africa, the Republic of Kenya borders the Indian Ocean to the southeast, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, and Somalia to the northeast. The capital is Nairobi. The total area is 58,000 sq. km and the population is estimated to be 51,903,301 million (2018). There are over 40 different ethnic groups in Kenya.
  • Agriculture is the mainstay of the rural income-poor, who often rely on land and livestock as primary assets for livelihoods, and whose working pattern is less likely to be full-time and more likely than non-poor individuals to be in the form of casual labour. Several constraints exist in the sector; the cost of feed, absence of veterinary services, and theft of livestock limit the viability of rearing livestock for business purposes. Dysfunctional crop markets can perpetuate chronic poverty, while climate change has threatened the sustainability of natural resources.
  • More than a third of Kenya’s youth eligible for work have no jobs in a business environment where the government is struggling to tackle the country’s acute unemployment problem. Census data shows that 5,341,182 or 38.9 percent of the 13,777,600 young Kenyans are jobless, further widening the gulf between the rich and the poor.
  • This backs World Bank data on Kenya which indicates that the country had the highest rate of youth joblessness in East Africa in 2015 with 17 percent of all young people eligible for work lacked jobs.

In Kenya, the average pupil to teacher ratio is 27:1. Our partner, schools are poorly supplied with resources and majority of them are without electricity, children are literally left behind in the 21st century, struggling to keep up literacy levels and not being exposed to computers, they lack basic technology skills. 

  • A light for Kenya has established a Learning Resource Centre and a community library equipped with computers and reading materials in English and Kiswahili to enable students, teachers and the community acquire basic computer skills from variety of packages we offer I.e. Computer packages, computer hardware & maintenance and computer programming. 
  • A light for Kenya through its Sponsorship program gives school fees bursaries to the poor, needy and bright students from vulnerable families. The learners considered are those in day & boarding secondary schools, colleges and universities. The parents and the guardians apply for school fees bursaries by filling an application form which is scrutinized by the Organization board one after another for verification and approval. Once approved, the school fees are paid through a Cheque directly to the learning institution account. 
  • Incubation and Innovation centres.

    These nurture a generation of business owners, business leaders, business builders by giving the local community the platform and the infrastructure to come up with new innovations in the business industry and other fields.

Talent, Music & Entrepreneurship

Our organization aims:

  • To provide safe spaces and improve access for the young to participate in the creative arts.
  • To provide expertise training in various creative arts – especially in DJing, music, dance and modelling.
  • To facilitate shows and events to showcase the young talent of Mwea.
  • To help develop opportunities to earn a living from the creative arts – by linking young people to events and by training them in entrepreneurship – on how to promote their talent and safely earn a living from it and how to best manage their income derived from their talent.

Despite the African continent holding the world’s most arable land and the agricultural sector employing over half of the population, Africa is still struggling with food production and food insecurity.

  • We educate and advice the community on appropriate methods of farming, controlling pest and parasites to reduce food loss and achieve food security.
  • We share our expertise in growing the most appropriate and profitable crops.

  • We help farmers gain access to high-quality inputs, improve soil quality, conserve water and prepare for climate shocks. 

  • We help develop strong markets for farmers’ products. We ensure farmers adapt to what buyers want. We also help farmers build co-operatives, so they can sell in bulk. 

  • A light for Kenya gives farmers the advice and the products they need through training sessions, because when they have the right support, pastoralists can increase their incomes and work their way out of poverty. 

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